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We are pleased to find you are interested to learn more about job opportunities at loveforbags® and are excited to hear from people with a zest for life and beautiful leather bags and accessories.

For that reason we are always happy to hear from enthusiastic, motivated, professional and talented personalities, who are just as crazy and excited about handbags as we are. Therefore we like to invite you to submit your CV to see if there are any future job opportunities with loveforbags.com™.

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By submitting your CV to us you warrant that any information provided to us regarding your application is true and correct and you that understand and agree that by providing any false or misleading information you may disqualify for any future opportunities if appointed and such submission may result in dismissal.

Please note that we do not handle any job enquiries via the phone. All inquiries regarding any employment opportunities with us should be submitted via our official loveforbags.com website.
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